The Sport Therapie Center offers you the opportunity to improve your sporting performance through complete training without the risk of an injury.

Functional Movement Screen (FMS) reveal asymmetries and deficits of musculo-articular system, being used by famous clubs (Bayern, Chelsea) to assess the injury risk in their athletes. By eliminating performance limiting factors, achievements in the sport you practice will be improved, whether you are amateur or professional athletes.

Aeroscan provides accurate data on energy metabolism by breathing air analysis, being the world’s best resistance training planning method. The training sessions can be planned rigurously according to the actual purpose (competition, regeneration) applying a method that was, until recently, used only in sports medicine labs.

Return to Activity algorithm provide you the chance to safely restart the training after an injury, objectively evaluating, by applying an internationally used algorithm, the rehabilitation reached stage and the right time for returning to competition. The tests are used by professional athletes of national football teams of Germany, Italy etc.

VACUMED – Intermittent vacuum therapy –  enables faster muscle regeneration after training or competition and accelerates the rehabilitation process following an injury.

Based on the tests performed in our center, we can develop individual injury prevention plans as well as corrective exercise plans that remove musculo-articular system deficits.

Our center’s equipment provides complete cardio, on machine and functional training.

Functional training is carried out using modern materials: Jungle Gym, Extreme Core Trainer, Power Cube, Battle Rope, Soft Plyo Box, Climbing Rope, Slide, Roll-out, Intervall Timer.

Cardio training is heart rate monitored, in addition to Aeroscan test, ergometers being equipped with other effort tests (e.g. Physical Work Capacity – PWC) and training programs as well.