Weight management

At rest, every person consumes an amount of calories needed to maintain vital functions (activity of heart, brain, etc). To this minimum consumption, called basal metabolism, is added the amount of calories consumed during daily activities. The quantity of supplemental calories burned depends on the physical activity intensity and, along with the amount of calories consumed at rest, determines the caloric consumption of an individual. If your calorie intake exceeds your daily calorie consume, it’s certain that the “supplement” will be deposited. The weight loss principle is simple: daily calorie consumption should be higher than the calorie intake or, in nutritionists parlance, the daily caloric balance must be negative. How do we do this?

The story begins with resting (basal) metabolism. Everyone can calculate basal metabolism by the following formulas:

For women: BW (kg) x 1.0 x 24h

For men: BW (kg) x 1.1 x 24 h

It should be noted that BW is the optimal body weight that is height in centimeters decreased by 100.

Basal metabolism is however individual and depends on age, height, weight, sex, but also on body composition, more specifically, on muscle mass.

The most accurate measurement is given by spiroergometry, an individual analysis of breathing air composition, showing oxygen intake, CO2 quantum and respiratory volume per minute. For example, it is calculated that for a basal metabolism of 1600 kcal, the tested person has to provide the body with at least this amount of calories daily to ensure vital organs functions. Therefore, there’s a real potential danger caused by diets that provide the body with a minimum of calories, resulting in a direct decrease of basal metabolism, i.e. calories consumed at rest, up to values of 1,000-11,000 kcal. It should be known that basal metabolism needs up to 12 months to return to the values it had before the diet

Thus, basal metabolism is a very important factor in daily caloric intake calculation and in the process of achieving desired weight. Any weight loss program should start with an individual metabolism analysis that provides accurate information on your body.

“Sport Therapie” Center offers, through the Aeroscan test, the opportunity to attain accurate data about individual energy metabolism. In a submaximal effort test that does not last for more than 15 minutes, you’ll find out the optimal training intensity range between whose limits fat burning reaches its maximum. Thus, if you want to reduce your body weight, you will find out exactly the training intensity you need to effectively burn fat. The test can be performed on any cardio device (recumbent bike, air bike, treadmill, elliptical trainer) at your option.