Aeroscan is the world’s best method to assess the energy metabolism of a person by analyzing the expired air composition (spiroergometry).

The Aeroscan test shows in real time which energy substrate is used at rest and during exercise (carbohydrates or lipids). Aeroscan determines exactly the intensity of effort at which fat loss is optimized, which is important for people who want to lose weight as well as for athletes’ training  plans developing.

The test can be performed on any cardio device in a gym (recumbent bike, air bike, treadmill, elliptical trainer) to attain the optimal training intensity (km/h, Watt) depending on the specific competition effort.

Aeroscan measures the maximum amount of oxygen that can be absorbed and processed by the body (VO2 max), a very important planning parameter of professional athletes training.

An essential role is played by Aeroscan test for diabetics, showing the actual consumption of carbohydrates during effort and thus being an irreplaceable help for nutrition doctors in establishing the daily carbohydrate ratio for patients.