In the Sport Therapie Center we introduce the medical fitness concept, training efficiency and risk of injury being assessed from the first session

■ The training plans are dessigned according to initial assessments that are similar to those in professional sports practice (Functional Movement Screen, Aeroscan

■ Functional training is carried out with modern appliances: Jungle Gym, Extreme Core Trainer, Power Cube, Battle Rope, Soft Plyo Box, Climbing Rope, Slide, Roll-out. FMS test show before program start the mobility or joint stability deficits that need to be corrected to avoid wrong moves of the body during exercise.

To make training more effective and get the most out of your training time, the exercises can also be carried out as circuit training type (Intervall Timer).

■ Cardio training is enhanced by latest generation of Assault Air Bikes, devices that allow simultaneous work of legs and arms. The Aeroscan test determines the individual training intensity, achieving maximum results depending on the desired goal (fitness, weight loss, performance).

Cardio training is heart rate control assisted, in addition to Aeroscan,  ergometers being also equipped with other effort tests (Physical Work Capacity – PWC), and training programs as well.