Prevention is aimed at avoiding degenerative musculo-articular system diseases, as well as discovering and removing a potential risk of injury in athletes.

Based on the results of internationally recognised tests (e.g. Functional Movement Screen), we detect limitations of functional movements, imbalances and muscle asymmetries that could pose a potential risk of injury in the long run, especially in sports.

Subsequently the diagnosed condition removing through corrective exercises, we aim to stabilize certain muscle groups which directly control and support the joints’ stress in static activities (desk sitting) but especially in dynamic movements, such as those that are required in sports (running, sports games).

Also for amateur and professional athletes are developed individual prevention programs to avoid injuries (knee cruciate ligaments rupture, sportsman hernia etc).

These programs include sensorimotor training exercises – re-education of  deficient balance after an injury, increasing the static stability and effort dynamics, as well as pliometric training – exercises that simulate decelerations, direction changes, jumps, frequent sports movements.

The Sport Therapie Center is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that provides complete, cardio, on machines and functional training.

The functional training is conducted using modern appliances like: Jungle Gym, Extreme Core Trainer, Power Cube, Battle Rope, Soft Plyo Box, Climbing Rope, Slide, Roll-out and can also be carried out as circuit training (Intervall Timer).