Sport Therapie Center applies a dynamic and modern medical rehabilitation concept that combines the therapy using state-of-the-art equipment with the most modern functional training exercises individually tailored to the patient’s medical condition

The settings of medical therapy devices allow rehabilitation begining with the first healing phase (ergometer equipped with adjustable pedals, arm ergometer) to the performance training stage.

We treat the cause and not the effect! The cause of a condition is determined according to the “joint by joint” principle, by investigating the neighboring segments, where could be a mobility or stability deficit that may, over time, cause an imbalance that generates a disorder.

The therapy plans are based on initial tests and evaluations followed by intermediate examinations in order to continually check the rehabilitation evolution and adapt the exercises accordingly.

In parallel with a disease-specific rehabilitation, we work to increase local and general body endurance that helps the acceleration of healing by metabolism stimulating and improving of physical condition required by normal daily activities (walking, professional activities).