VACUMED is an equipment used for vascular disorders treating (varicose veins, venous insufficiency), rapid regeneration of athletes and fighting against cellulite as well

It is based on the alternation of a negative pressure (Vacuum) with normal atmospheric pressure, producing dilatation and constriction of the blood vessels without direct physical contact.

Due to this “passive gymnastics of vessels” Vacumed is recommended for:

  • rapid regeneration of athletes
  • posttraumatic, postoperative edema
  • tissue flattening (cellulite reducing)
  • lymphatic edema
  • chronic venous insufficiency
  • peripheral arterial sclerosis (diabetic foot)

Through its action Vacumed provides accelerated rehabilitation after trauma (sprains, operations, edema).

Applying of intermittent negative pressure phases (Vacuum) results in

  • Dilatation of capillaries
  • New capillaries development
  • Improvement of peripheral blood flow and musculature (microperfusion)