Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is the world’s most innovative method for athletes’ injury risk assessment. The tests are used by high-performance clubs (Bayern München, Chelsea London) as well as national football teams of Germany, Brazil or NBA and NHL teams, to determine the injury risk of their athletes.

By testing seven fundamental motion models are identified mobility and stability deficits as well as asymmetries of the locomotor apparatus.

The eventual aim of the tests is to prescribe corrective exercises to overcome the detected deficiencies and thus the injury risk of the athlete.

Recent studies have shown that asymmetries and dysfunctions of the locomotor system can increase the injury risk by up to 3.5%! In addition, motion deficiencies create, in the long term, compensation mechanisms in the locomotor system, overloading joints or muscles adjacent to the affected area, which can cause various associated conditions.

Intending to prevent injuries and increase sport performance by elimination of movement limiting factors, FMS tests are recommended for:

  • children starting a sporting activity
  • amateur athletes (recreational joggers, marathon or triathlon participants etc.)
  • performance athletes
  • people undergoing medical rehabilitation after an injury.